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Conflict and Environment: data, simulation and visualisation

The Importance of Institutional Factors and the example of Rwanda

Monday 18 June 2007 by Urs Luterbacher

This paper intends to explore once more the vexing question of the relationship between environment and conflict. Given the fact that the empirical evidence about this relation is ambiguous, it suggests that the link between the two issues only makes sense and works whenever institutional factors such as the clear definition and enforcement of property rights are absent or weak within or across societies. The empirical case of Rwanda is used to illustrate this relationship. After a discussion of the data problems that the case raises, a simulation of the conflict and the genocide of 1994 is proposed. The simulation model accounts quite well for the conflict and genocide evolution.

Several results will be shown in a graphical format.

Presentation prepared with the collaboration of Sebastian Di Iorio.

Presentation by Urs Luterbacher on conflict and environment (mp3, password required)
Questions to Urs Luterbacher (mp3)

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