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Website of the Research Department of the Ecole de la paix. This website was initially created for the NATO Advanced Research Workshop organized by the Ecole de la paix in Grenoble, June 2007 (hence the URL).

The most recent articles

The most recent articles

Databases on Terrorism

Constructing database on hostage-barricade terrorism and abductions
Thursday 31 May 2007 by Galit Ben Israel
This paper presents the database of hostage-barricade terrorism (HBT) situations and abductions, which were carried out by Palestinian terrorist organizations in the period 1968-1994, against Israeli soldiers and Israeli citizens. A description of these events is used as a key to understanding (...) > continue

Calling a Spade a Spade

Conflict Data and the Study of Different Aspects of War

Thursday 31 May 2007 by Joakim Kreutz
What is armed conflict? Scholars interested in military strategy and the psychological effects of conflict, as well as the on-the-ground reporters have noted that there has been a rapid change in the way warfare is conducted in the last decades. Within the academic world, in the media debate, (...) > continue

Merging and Meshing Data

Difficulties, Lessons, and Suggestions
Thursday 31 May 2007 by D. Scott Bennett
The process of bringing together information (data) from different data bases faces a variety of practical difficulties. These difficulties make it difficult to readily access, merge, and present data collected and maintained by different researchers and organizations. Practical difficulties (...) > continue

NATO ARW on databases for risk prevention

21-23 juin 2007, Grenoble
Thursday 31 May 2007 by Mayeul Kauffmann
This NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) was organized by the Ecole de la paix and other independent research centers and scientists, within the framework of the NATO program “Science for Peace and Security”. It aims at defining best methods and practices related to security-related datasets (...) > continue

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