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Guidelines for preparing paper

Thursday 28 June 2007 by Mayeul Kauffmann

The deadline for submission is Monday 9 July. Authors ready to submit their paper before that date are encouraged to do so.

The length of papers (for normal-length presentations) should be between 12 and 20 pages (refer to technical guidelines and the attached templates for the format and size of pages). Please contact me if you would like to make shorter or longer papers.

For short presentations made during the workshop, papers should be shorter.

Concerning style, general standards used in academic publishing should be used. Papers may be technical if necessary (and this is warmly welcome), but authors should try to make most technical developments at least partially understandable to informed readers that are not technical experts (especially with respect to computer science), by using footnotes (for instance to define technical terms).

Authors may propose a list of terms to be included in a glossary at the end of the volume.

Attached are technical guidelines for participants to prepare the manuscript to be published by IOS Press after the ARW. Participants are advised to use it for their draft paper, as it will save them time when writing their manuscript. An MS Word template is available (please contact the organizers if you plan to use this template with

Please name all the files you are sending in the following way:


Example: Kauffmann-Framework-July09.doc

This will be a black-and-white publication. You may use a limited number of different grays.

Authors are encouraged to organize their bibliography and in-text quotations with a bibliographic software, linked to their word-processing system. An excellent and free software to do this is bibus-biblio, which is described here and can be downloaded here. I will be happy to provide assistance on using it.

Technical instructions (formatting)
MSWord Template (zipped)
MSWord Template
This is the exact same file as "MSWord Template (zipped)", but not zipped (and I’ve changed the .dot extension to a .doc extension).
How to read change proposals from editor (version 1, December 4th)

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