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Friday 25 July 2008 by Mayeul Kauffmann

The tool called “Peace PRISM” version 1 is almost ready to use! It aims at displaying data and datasets related to armed conflicts and similar issus.

All basic functions seems to be working fine. It still requires a few tests as well as more work to fully import all the data.

Still, you can watch a screencast of a live demo.

The tool itself will be accessible from the internet free of charge. It does not require any plugin (Flash, Java, ...) and works on all major internet browsers.

It’s been developed with open source tools at the Ecole de la paix. The main technologies include Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and R (statistical software). It is released under an open source license.

The video files (ogg or avi) are available below.

You can find out more on this project here.

AVI video
Screencast of a demo of PRISM (AVI format)
OGG video
Screencast of a demo of PRISM (OGG format)

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