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Synthetic indicators

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Indexes for measures of conflict and cooperation (Synthetic indicators)

Thursday 31 May 2007 by Ranan D. Kuperman
Since researchers of international relations have started using events data there seems to be a yearning to utilize this data for the purpose of measuring magnitudes of conflict and cooperation. Consequently a number of scales have been developed. Yet there are considerable problems with these (...) > continue

Visualization of Conflict Networks (Synthetic indicators)

Thursday 14 June 2007 by Jürgen Lerner
Visualizing conflicts by drawing actors on geographically determined positions may result in cluttered images that do not facilitate the recognition of the overall conflict structure. We propose a method for the visualization of conflict networks that highlights the most involved actors, (...) > continue

GRIP’s indicator of contribution to peace (ICPM) (Synthetic indicators)

Tuesday 19 June 2007 by Xavier Zeebroek
Peace is not simply the absence of war. To measure that complex notion, the GRIP has used 20 indicators and created a synthetic index of contribution to peace, for every country, for the year 2005. The area covered by the indicators are security, human rights and the environment. This index is (...) > continue

Formulas for criteria related to German arms export controls (Synthetic indicators)

(short presentation - about 5 minutes)
Wednesday 13 June 2007 by Lars Wirkus
Brief overview of some formulas used in Germany for each of the 7 criteria of the EU arms export code of conduct. Original address for the pdf file is this. > continue

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