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Scientific definitions vs. political uses

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Indicators for prospective violent escalation (Scientific definitions vs. political uses)

Early warning indicators for the prospect of politically and socially motivated mass violence
Tuesday 5 June 2007 by Angelika Spelten
In 2001 the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development adopted a catalogue of indicators for recording conflict and crisis potential in countries of development co-operation. The purpose of the indicators is to help with the early recognition of domestic crises, with the (...) > continue

Data comparability, scientific requirements and political utility (Scientific definitions vs. political uses)

Monday 18 June 2007 by Wolf-Dieter Eberwein
This presentation will focus on the need for using quality criteria (including intersubjectivity) to increase the comparability and compatibility of several datasets on armed conflict, and their use for both academic research and policy action. This will be exemplified by the comparison of the (...) > continue

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