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Wednesday 6 June 2007 by Hy Dao , Joachim Carlsen , Lars Wirkus

Online coding interface for Acled

(Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset)

Joachim Carlsen

Mapping DD&R and Economies of Violence in Angola

Lars Wirkus

This presentation focuses on the WebGIS project “Mapping DD&R and Economies of Violence in Angola". The interactive map of Angola was created as part of a research project jointly undertaken by the Working Group on Development & Peace (Arbeitsgruppe Friedensentwicklung – FriEnt) and BICC.

After the end of civil war in Angola in early 2002 and based on field research in Angola, the project (conducted in the year 2003) aimed to develop a thematic map of the country, showing relevant resources for the conflict and the subsequent peace process, as a planning tool for humanitarian and development agencies.

BICC realised this through the use of GIS and WebGIS technologies. The purpose of the project was to study ways and means of how regionalized conflict-related issues could be presented within a web browser and to test the usefulness of GIS approaches in understanding conflict dynamics. As a first step, based on field research and available background information, a database of political, economic and military indicators was created by the project team which serves in second step as the backbone of the interactive map. The map allows the user to get a bird’s eye view of such issues as the number of demobilized UNITA combatants in each province, for example. Different information layers can be viewed and overlaid. Migration movements of the demobilised combatants as well as numbers of collect weapons are also accessible through the interactive map.

Website of the Angola conflict mapping

Online tool

Alternate link

Tools developed at the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)

Hy Dao

DRI analysis tool and country profiles developed for the UNDP.

Demonstration of one of the two following tools:
- Preview Data Compendium
- Preview IMS

Short presentations of several online databases (mp3, password required)

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