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Presentation and short description of the workshop

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Summary of workshop findings (Presentation)

Wednesday 1 August 2007 by Mayeul Kauffmann
The workshop addressed the reasons for which datasets are needed, why and how they should be shared among researchers, and how their use could be improved. In particular, the interest of combining datasets, cross referencing, creating general datasets, seeking more reliable data sources, (...) > continue

Audio recordings (Presentation)

Monday 30 July 2007
This page gives the links to all mp3 audio files recorded during the workshop. > continue

Sponsors (Presentation)

Monday 18 June 2007
The main financer of the seminar is NATO with the participation of the Ecole de la paix, the Région Rhônes-Alpes, the Ville de Grenoble, the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme-Alpes - "House of Humanities-Alpes" (who provides the venue), the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) and the (...) > continue

NATO ARW on databases for risk prevention (Presentation)

21-23 juin 2007, Grenoble
Thursday 31 May 2007 by Mayeul Kauffmann
This NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) was organized by the Ecole de la paix and other independent research centers and scientists, within the framework of the NATO program “Science for Peace and Security”. It aims at defining best methods and practices related to security-related datasets (...) > continue

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