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Visualization of Conflict Networks

jeudi 14 juin 2007 par Jürgen Lerner

Visualizing conflicts by drawing actors on geographically determined positions may result in cluttered images that do not facilitate the recognition of the overall conflict structure. We propose a method for the visualization of conflict networks that highlights the most involved actors, reveals the opposing groups, and provides a graphic overview of the conflict structure. Moreover, our method allows for smooth animation of the dynamics of a conflict and yields for each time point a model-fit and a stability indicator. The basic method described in Brandes et al., which is restricted to displaying a single bipolar conflict, has been augmented to deal with several and potentially multipolar conflicts.
Article written by Ulrik BRANDES and Jürgen LERNER.

Presentation by Juergen Lerner on synthetic indicators for visualizing conflict (mp3, password required)
Questions to Juergen Lerner (mp3)
Draft paper on visualization (pasword required)
Tentative title : Visulization of Conflict Networks

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